Darling Motorcycle Works

1985 BMW R65LS

So why is the BMW R65LS considered a collectable? The R65LS (Luxury Sport) was designed by none other than Hans Muth, who designed the R100RS, the R100RT and, of all things, the early Suzuki Katanas. Only 6,389 R65LS motorcycles were produced. It featured a triangular shaped pod fairing and instrument housing versus the standard naked front end of the standard R65. It also features twin disc front brakes in-lieu of single disc as well as lower front handlebars for a slightly more sporty seating position. Excellent handling for a boxer BMW - the engine was a little narrower and higher in the frame than on the bigger boxers.

This motorcycle is well looked after and original. Is fitted with an aftermarket screen and exhausts as well as original panniers. 

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